Who We Are?
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We are the ones who are producing the caravans with cute snail logo which you cannot take your eyes off when you meet on the highways.

If our caravans travel in Turkey and other countries, this is not coincidence. The safety and comfort for the driver and user carry us today. We are family company located at the 3 rd km of Adapazarı Bilecik Highway with 6000 m2 open area and 6000 m2 indoor area production plant. We are monitoring all developments in our area closely and creating solutions with innovation and research and development work of our reliable and strong staff. As being aware of the caravan is a lifestyle, after sales services have become Saly Caravan a family and continue to do so. We are inviting you to become a member of this family.

Remember, first you see a Caravan, then like it and then live it.
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